Charter Court

Charter Court, an apartment complex in Philadelphia, struggled to retain residents and failed to catch the eye of prospective renters. There were two primary reasons for the complex’s negative reputation: Poor management and neglectful security.

In order to restore an element of desirability, Charter Court needed an entirely new marketing plan. KB Consulting designed and executed a total rebranding of the company’s service.

The first step to creating a positive reputation for the apartment complex was assigning the building the perfect new name. Unimpressive signs and banners that once directed consumers to the complex were replaced with new signage.

Additionally, a much needed renovation of the property added the following amenities: a fitness center for residential use, a new community room, and laundry facilities.

Next, KB Consulting examined the demographics of the surrounding area. Major colleges, including Philadelphia University, Drexel and St. Joseph’s University, surround Charter Court, and so KB Consulting identified a new target market: young professionals and college students.

In order to meet the needs of this new target market of college students and recent college graduates, KB Consulting recommended that Charter Court offer more affordable pricing for its rental units.

KB Consulting also initiated community outreach and a social media campaign to reach potential renters. KB Consulting created a new invigorating website, purchased AdWords advertising, and built more positive and effective B2B relationships.

After total re-branding of Charter Court, the apartment complex gained an extremely positive reputation and attracted the precise target market they needed to reinvigorate their business.

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