Heatherwood located in Inkster, Michigan on the outskirts of Detroit was acquired by our client in 2010. The property had been neglected for several years. The majority of the residents were on assistance making this a class C or lower property. Our mission was to make the property more presentable to potential clients. We organized the new signage, updated marketing materials for the leasing team as well as community outreach. The model had not been updated since the 80’s and with furniture that came from prior residents. We designed with CORT Furniture the 1 bedroom apartment which is now the showcase for the community. When we showed the new model to the staff it gave them a new motivation to work on leasing more units. They were able to see the potential that the units could have. A sense of pride was introduced to the team and the current community by simply landscaping, updating the signage, creating a model that represented the community going forward and resident events.

The client was able to sell the property within 14 months after the purchase.

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